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As David Dickinson started establishing himself as a cult figure in 2001 his tan got a name check on Have I Got News For You and he guested on Radio One on Christmas Day, taking calls from avid fans. 2002 started with a bang with David daring to square up to riotous Ruby Wax on her daytime chat show, (we have the inside story) and stealing the lime light on Johnny Vaughan's show. Bargain Hunt went Prime Time in 2002 when it got an evening slot in the summer of 2002 with audience figures topping 8 million and David has appeared on a plethora of other prime time shows.

Monday 14 January 2001 saw David on the Ruby Wax show on BBC 1 . Imagine Graham Norton meets Michael Barrymore, if you can stomach it, and you'll have an idea of the programme's content and level of of audience participation. David Dickinson was brave enough to agree to be among her first guest and the show was filmed on Thursday 10 January 2002. Visitors to this site were invited to make up part of the studio audience .
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ruby wax
David Dickinson Johnny Vaughan Early February saw David steal The Johnny Vaughan Show. Heat magazine said 'he wowed the audience' and his hunting for bargains in a 'pound shop' certainly had them roaring with laughter. Johnny even offered to leave to let David proceed to carry the show. David made a return to The Johnny Vaughan Show in November 2002. Where he chilled with Shaggy.
And Mr Dickinson proved intrepid enough to take on the anarchic wit of
Reeves and Mortimer in their latest series of Shooting Stars, which aired both on BBC Choice and BBC 2, in February. This is a show that's sure to be repeated. He was even asked to appear on to guest on Richard and Judy's new evening show on Channel 4 but the BBC 'wasn't too keen'.
That's a shame they could have discussed how Bargain Hunt repeats thrashed the old R & J show in ratings.
shooting stars
Anyone who saw the impersonation of David on the TV pilot of the popular Radio 4 comedy show Dead Ringers in March couldn't fail to be impressed. It was a well observed script and even made sure that David's character got the very last word. In a more recent radio edition the programme makers tried to catch David out with a phone call from Dr Who asking for a valuation of an 'old magnetic core extractor' but David showed them he was 'The Master'! dead ringers
remotely funny
Bargain Hunt went Prime Time in 2002. As a run up to this David was seen in several BBC entertainment shows. He appeared on the legendary Have I Got News For You on 31 May , and in the second show of a brand new series Remotely Funny (15 June) hosted by Eamonn Holmes in which contestants have one day to use their celebrity to attempt 30 hidden-camera challenges.
David added a dollop of class to this strange show and won over £4,000 for his chosen charity. Viewers saw the very fit Mr D doing press ups in the middle of a department store and begging a lady on his bended knee to lend him her spectacles with a not so imploring 'How could you refuse Me!' And of course she couldn't!!!
By far his best guest performance this year was when he appeared on It's Only TV But I Like It (2 August), the show gave vent to his natural bent for physical comedy when he and his team mate had to mime act titles of popular
TV shows, such as 'Ironside' and 'Crossroads'.David appeared on the BBC's Sport Relief charity raising special (13 July) where he described unique sport items to be auctioned at Southerbys later that week. And after a highly successful week of live celebrity Bargain Hunt shows for Children In Need Appeal (which raisedover 93,000) David appeared live on the CIN marathon live show from Television Centre on 15 November 2002. Where he announced the total raised by Bargain Hunt and also introduced four celebrities tribute acts to Elvis.
In October 2002 David stepped up to receive the prestigious National Television Award for Most Popular Daytime Show for Bargain Hunt. He appeared on the live televisation of the award ceremony and after show party with his lovely wife Lorne Lesley. He was sincerely delighted to accept the award and thanked all his fans the' Bargain Hunters' who's vote hadmade the win possible. In a review of his year David said that "the award was undoubtedly the highlight of the year, the culmination of three years hard work and the real icing on the cake."
Lorne also accomapnied David to The Top Of The Pops Awards in Manchester where this time David was handing out an award rather than receiving it. He handed out the award for 'Best Newcomer' to 'Pop Idol' winner 'Will Young'
"Definitely not
Cheap as Chips."
In 2002 David became arguably the most impersonated man on TV. Mark Perry of Dead Ringers made David one of his stock characters and included his characterisation on nearly every episode of the series. Mark also appeared side by side with David on The Bargain Hunt Chrsitmas Special. Harry Hill came up with a manic take 'The Hunter' who chased down the street after punters to grab their items and 2DTV did a stunning cartoon version of David protesting 'very funny guys, but I'm not made of wood' . David says "But Frank Skinner's was the best. When I saw it, I thought it was me'! Frank Skinner's impression led to David being interviewed on a later show (22 October) which ended with the real David and his fake friend singing a duet together! 'Mindblowing'!
David Dickinson or Frank Skinner?
Radio One's Chris Moyles championed David for the prime slot and also played the 'Bargain Hunt Booty' track on many of his afternoon shows, giving it a big build up in the Glastonbury Festival week. David returned the favour by appearing on Chris Moyles Live TV show for Channel Five.(17 November) David was given the dubious honour of judging food cooked on a trouser press! Still, he managed a plug for the video 'Cheap as Chips' released 18 November.
David also survived an interview on GMTV that morning.
David and Lorne appeared on the BBC Choice 'fly on the wall' show Diners (27 October) and David helped out the Children's programme Stitch Up to play a prank on two young auction bidders.
2003 started with David Dickinson as the subject of This Is Your Life (2 January), a highly entertaining tribute which was emotionally charged.
David in some must see TV appearances still to come.

In July David recorded a brand new programme for Channel 4, Called 'The First TV Show', the series is a little like 'Room 101' but instead of talking about their pet hates, the guests talk about their first ever experiences - these could be anything from their first kiss to their first fight!

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